Turn to us for training, upgrades, service, virus removal and all of your other computer related needs!

Web Programming:

PHP, Perl, ASP, MySQL, Access and others. Let us develop your web code right. Referrals and references available.


Servicing your local computer needs. We offer user training on many Windows products including, Word, Excel, Outlook and Access. As well, we can show you how to surf the world wide web, send and receive email and read newsgroups.

You are never too young to learn and you are never too old to learn. Currently we offer one on one instruction in our home or yours. Gather a few friends together for a fun night, if you prefer to learn in a group. Evening and weekend sessions are available.

Upgrading and Service:

Of course, you can't use all these applications and surf around the world if your PC isn't running well. Anticipating this, we also offer computer repair and servicing at reasonable rates. Need a extra harddrive installed? We do that! Need to know what a harddrive is? We do that too! Call us or email us to discuss how we can help you!

Virus removal and Spyware removal:

The internet can be a nasty, nasty place. If you get infected with a virus, try our virus removal service. Experiencing frequent lockups or slowness? You may have a trojan horse or a spyware problem. We can help remove spyware and return your system to it's previous state!

Computer problem? I will try to help!

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