Monthly Archives: July 2014

Nano Shortcuts

After recently transitioning from Windows to Linux (Debian specifically), I find myself having to relearn everything that has been second nature for way too many years. Simple tasks have become complex but I’m gradually figuring things out.

Today’s exercise in frustration was when I needed to paste text copied from a webpage into a document opened in Nano. Ctrl-V or ^V takes you to the next page…clearly not what I wanted.

After a little Googling, I discovered, Shift-Ins does the trick for pasting into Nano.

Changing the products-page slug in WP e-Commerce

So you’ve added a pile of categories and products to your new store and then you notice the products-page slug in the breadcrumb trail and url.

Simple fix, right? Go in and edit the slug on the Products page. Back on the main site, clicking on a category results in a 404. Oops.

After hitting Google, there are a couple of old responses and the options aren’t in the same place. What should we try next?

The answer is remarkably simple. Under Settings > Store > General, toggle Use Hierarchical Product Category URL and Save Changes. You can then go back in, toggle it back and Save Changes again.

Links rebuilt and no more 404.