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This origami calendar design is copyright Nick Robinson - no commercial use whatsoever may be made of this design without prior permission of the creator.

Folding instructions can be found here.

The file produced is based on a postscript file written by Ralph Furmaniak. The web interface has been greatly enhanced by suggestions from Jacqueline, from Singapore. It was Jacqueline who requested the fold lines be added so that the paper could be cut slightly smaller, resulting in a far superior model when completed.

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2005 Samples: PDF or postscript.

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Origami Desk Calendar:

The PDF output can take anywhere up to three minutes to process. Just sit back and wait patiently...


Sorry folks but the service used to convert the postscript output to PDF seems to have gone away. The temporary workaround is to download the .ps file to your computer and then use a free online service to convert the file to PDF. A link to ps2pdf has been included below.

For those who have requested it, here are links to 2007 PDFs with the year displayed:

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Double Page Scaling and multiply by length of paper to determine length of the longest side of a month's template.
Print this Colour Chart for an indication of possible colour schemes.
Create Standard units: Create Muff units:
Use Language selected: Or Specified values: Days:
Months: The quick way to generate PDF files

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